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Dacari (Gabrielle B x Dacaprio) and Darrielle (EM Delanie x Dacaprio) had their first show up in Nebraska at the Nebraska Dressage Association's Cornhusker Classic I and II. Both yearling fillies qualified for the finals in September.

Here is the Youtube video of both Darrielle and Dacari in their yearling filly class.  Darrielle is the first horse presented.

Welcome to Time Out Farm!

We are a small farm specializing in breeding Hanoverian horses.  Our goal is to produce high quality Fei and jumper prospects. We are one of the founding farms of the Central States Hanoverian Breeders' Association and partcipate in local breed shows as well as the yearly Hanoverian registration and foal branding

                    You can email us at :  emilyfowler@timeoutfarm.com

          Time Out Farm   4025 S.W. J Highway  Plattsburg, Mo 64477