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Dacari (Gabrielle B x Dacaprio) was foaled May 15, 2012.  She is an elegant lighter type foal.  At 3 weeks she is leading and picking up her feet for the farrier.  She will make an incredible dressage prospect to take you up the levels.  She is learning her ground manners quickly.  She has beautiful movement with a walk that is sure to impress the judges.  She is priced at $15,000.00.


Dacari won the USDF/USEF Regional Filly championship in September 2013.



Darrielle  (EM Delanie x Dacaprio) was foaled April 30, 2012.  She is a super baby with a kind, curious and willing spirit.  She is leading beautifully and picking up her feet in anticipation of the farrier.  She has elegant movement with a super trotShe is priced at $15,000.00.


Darrielle placed third in the 2013 USDF/USEF Regional filly championship.


Congratulations Sue Busse of Wildwood , Missouri.  Watch for Deanardo (nka Baker) in the coming years in the hunter/jumper ring. Good luck to you both.  It will be fun watching you in the coming years!

Deanardo has started under saddle and is priced at $20,000.00.  He is doing great.  He has a good brain and beautiful movement.  His trainer, Patrick Benson of PB Equestrian  has also been free jumping him and as you can see on the videos posted here on this website he has good form and clear jumper potential.  He scored an 8.6 on his walk at the Cornhusker Classic I in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 19, 2012 where he won the qualifier with a score of 78.8.  He is the perfect horse for anyone wanting to work up the levels and have a companion for a lifetime.   He will be showing both in-hand as well as in  the Materiale classes at the Mid-America SportHorse Association's Summer Fest Breed show in September as well as this Fall's Kansas City American Royal.

Deanardo Cornhusker Classic I



Deanardo 8/29/2009

deanardo 2010 AIG/USDFBC Colt Gelding Champion

Deanardo won the 2010 Mid States Great American /USDFBC Colt/Gelding Championship with a combined score of 79.275%.  He also scored an 81.5% in his Hanoverian IBC class and he's only a yearling! 
Check out the show video below.


Deanardo and his mare EMC Delanie


Deanardo was foaled May 7, 2009.  This elegant foal has super movement and learns fast.  He handles well and is quickly learning to lead and is ready for the farrier!  This little guy will make an incredible dressage prospect and seems to have a penchant for  jumping as well.  At the August 29, 2009 Mid America Sporthorse Association breed show at White Fox he took first place in his colt class with a 65.5 and third in his Hanoverian IBC with a 72.7.
Price $20,000.00


DONNERSTOLZ - SOLD Congratulations Sandra Tull

Donnerstolz 2007

Donnerstolz (aka D.R.)

In August 2007 he placed 1st in his age class with a score of 79%, he won the colts/geldings championship and took reserve champion overall. He also won the Hanoverian class with a score of 79%.

Born May 13,2004 chestnut colt by Donnerkeil out of Gabrielle B (Guarantor x Marone).In 2004 he won his weanling class at the Region 4 USDF/Cosequin qualifier with a score of 75%, second in the semi final and fourth in the finals. In 2005 he won his yearling class as well as the IBC Hanoverian class. In 2006 he placed second in his two year old class and 2nd in the Hanoverian class with scores over 74%. He placed fourth in the regional finals in September of that year with the 4th highest score out of 22.

He is an incredible mover with a calm and gentle temperment!

Fabrianna B - SOLD Congratulations to Maggie Stonecipher

Fabrianna (Gabrielle B x Fabuleux) was foaled May 4, 2005.  She placed first in her weanling filly class at the USDF/Cosequin qualifier on July 16, 2005 with a score of 75.5 and second in the Hanoverian IBC class with a score of 75.4.  She has incredible movement and a wonderful temperment.